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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shopping: H&M, eBay & More + Coupons

For a 20% off one item at H&M click HEREAnn Taylor Factory & Loft stores are having Labor day sales too: Coupons HERE & HERE {if you subscribed for their emails, check your inbox}

I did some more bargain shopping! Warning: tons of pictures!

1. I was wondering when H&M would bring this adorable embellished collar to the states! Too bad they only carry it in black and coral, I would have loved to see it in white too. The t-shirt isn't fitted, but does have seams at the bust that give you a feminine shape. I loooove the pearls and silver spheres sewn into the collar!

2. I scored this super sparkly Liz Claiborne top from eBay for $13.74 {including shipping} It's really soft as it's composed of silk, angora wool, and cashmere and is covered front to back in iridescent sequins {individually sewn in}!

3. Marshalls has been my go-to shopping destination when I need something quick, this time I was browsing around in the junior's section and found this Chanel-inspired sweater {it's supposed to look like a tweed jacket}. It's quite thin and light, but for $16 I didn't expect it to be much more than that. It has 2 front pockets, cute enamel and gold buttons, gold thread throughout, and black trim; it'll be perfect for Fall and Winter!

4. I picked up this Origins Super Spot Remover for acne at Macys for $14.50 after EssieButton
 {Watch her youtube videos, they're hilarious!!!} mentioned HERE, how effective it is at diminishing pimples {I loathe that word}. It obviously doesn't work magic but it does shorten the time drastically! Overall, a good investment for those sudden spots that make me feel like I'm back in grade school.

5. After all the hype I've heard about Morroccan oil which, to my understanding {correct me if I'm wrong} is actually Argan Oil, I decided to give Pura D'Or Argan Oil a try since it is one of the few I've found to be 100%  organic Argan oil. I plan on using it for the ends of my hair since they are the most dry & damaged due to my trendy ombré effect lol.

 6. I needed a new toner bad, and my skin has been feeling extra rough this summer so I decided to give this a try and see if it helps. I bought it from Gilt and got this Facial Spray as a gift with purchase. This makes me think of the Caudalie beauty elixir {haven't tried it...yet}. This stuff seriously smells amazing, it's like misting your face with crushed up rose petals... so heavenly!

If you want any additional info on anything mentioned leave me a comment below :) Also, I will do reviews on the beauty products as soon as I get a good idea of how each one works. 

Thanks for reading & have a great Labor Day weekend... Let me know if you'll take advantage of sales too!

 Products Mentioned:
1. H&M- Embellished Collar Shirt in black | 2. Liz Claiborne Sequin Sweater {scored from eBay} |
3. Monteau woven sweater {scored from Marshalls 2 weeks ago} | 4. Origins Super Spot Remover {Macy's} | 5. Pura D'or Argan Oil {amazon, try eBay if it's is over $40} | 6. Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner and Facial Spray {Gilt}.

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