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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lush Review: Twilight + Yuzu and Cocoa

Twilight + Yuzu and Cocoa may be a weird mix, but I have to say it was the most successful bath
 I have made. I finally mastered the art of "making bubbles"{the key is super high water pressure}!!!
Twilight bath bomb
Yuzu and Cocoa
This combo didn't smell bad at all, although I definitely recommend Dragon's Egg with Yuzu if you like orange/citrus and flower smells!
Twilight smells sweet and pleasant. I love the spectacular show it gives {even if I didn't like the smell, I'd buy it again just for the show!} Can you see all that amazing silver glitter coming out of it?! 

This time, to completely dissolve Yuzu and Cocoa I held half of it directly under the running water until it was completely dissolved. I then took the removable shower head and pointed that into the water {I used the shower head because its water pressure is higher than the bathtub faucets'}.
This is what I got:

Note: I saw somewhere on the Lush website or in store that they recommend experimenting until getting the desired amount of bubbles... and they are right. A tip which I cannot stress enough:

 If you want loads of bubbles, the better the water pressure the happier you'll be! :)

Not only did I have amazing bubbles, but they sparkled too!!! :D

Products Mentioned:
Lush- Twilight bath bomb, Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar.

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