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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lush UK Online Order #2 + Storage

My second order arrived in 4 days! This time it was a bit tragic- some of my items didn't make it in one piece {don't order all bath bombs, they will bump into each other in the box and break}. Tip: request that each item be wrapped in both clear wrap and newspaper to diminish breakage. 

I did contact customer service via e-mail about broken items and they resent 2 bath bombs at no charge that I was planning on giving away {I figured the bubble bar was going to be crumbled anyway}. It has been a week and I have yet to received my replacements. Other than that their customer service is extremely nice and accommodating!!! I will definitely order online again :)

Dorothy bubble bar- This has that ylang ylang smell, but it doesn't really smell like anything... just soapy. I can't wait to see the blue water it creates! Yes, it was smashed when I took it out of the box, but I figure, I'm gonna crumble it anyway.
Youki Hi bath bomb- "A seriously sexy jasmine bomb for romantic bath times"It has glitter and pop-rocks {most of those fell of during shipping} I don't like the smell of this one, it's so strong that it's the only thing I smell when I open the storage box I keep all of them in. Jasmine overload? Definitely. I'm hoping the smell will dilute in the bathtub. **This one is no longer available on the UK site.
Space Girl bath bomb- "bright sparkly fragrance, coupled with a deep space colour and a sprinkling of glitter" If you ask me, this one smells more like blackberries {artificial} than the blackberry one below. It's slightly sweet, and powdered with glitter!
Blackberry bath bomb- "bergamot and frankincense " This definitely does not smell like blackberries, 
it isn't strong or sweet. If I knew what bergamot and frankincense smelled like maybe I'd be able to say
 it smelled like that... Until then, it has a pleasant non-sugary smell.

Rocketeer bath bomb- "water change from blue to yellow to green as the yellow flames push the rocket around the tub" This one doesn't have a distinct smell, I can only pick up a mild citrusy undertone. I can't wait to see all the colors!
Sex Bomb bath bomb- " Clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang" I thought this one was going to smell more like roses since it has one stuck in it, but it doesn't. It smells faintly of jasmine and flowers.

Think Pink bath bomb- "combination of tonka and vanilla absolutes" This smells just how it looks, sweet but not overpowering... If the color pink had a smell I'm thinking this would be it. All the flowers fell off {I placed them back for pictures} and chunks of it became power during shipping, but it still looks nice.  FYI: This is the smallest bath bomb ever.

Twilight bath bomb- Review here. It broke, just what I was afraid of :( This might be my second favorite bath bomb {after Dragon's Egg!} It smells sweet like candy.

Dragon's Egg bath bomb- Review here. My favorite! It has a nice citrusy clean scent, reminds me of Cocoa Pebbles... and the smell get's better in the tub. This one was absolutely pulverized, but at least you can see the confetti it has. :(

Karma Kream body lotion- This smells just like the bubble bar... It's not my favorite fragrance.

Woosh Shower Jelly- This smells just like citrusy lemons!

This is how I organize my lush bath products, it helps with the smells mixing {a little}:

Hope you found this helpful :)

Products Mentioned:
Lush UK site: Dorothy bubble bar, Youki Hi bath bomb {no longer available}, Space Girl bath bomb, Blackberry bath bomb, Rocketeer bath bomb, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Think Pink bath bomb, Twilight bath bomb, Dragon's Egg bath bomb.
IKEA: Pull-out storage unit {article number: 801.980.40}

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  1. It's probably better to buy Lush in a local store rather than online.