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Thursday, August 9, 2012

UK Online Lush Order {Haul}

After buying my first batch of Lush products I realized as most 'lushies' already know, that the
Lush UK site has better prices for most items even when compared to shopping in an actual store
here is North America. So I decided to give it a try- and here is my final verdict: AWESOME, and I may or may not have already placed another order :D

I placed my 5 item {+ samples} order on Aug. 3, 2012 at 1:14 am and got a confirmation email almost immediately saying that my order was being prepared for shipping. By 4:25 am that same day I got another email telling me that my order had shipped! Amazing, I know! Unfortunately there is no
tracking information provided except for an order number which can't be tracked on their website {this made me super anxious}... But I received my order on Aug 8, 2012 at around noon, a mere 5 days later- including the weekend and I live on the west coast!!!

Sunnyside bubble bar- "glittery bubbles... lemon, tangerine and sweet orange" It smells sweet and orange-y and is both, packed full of glitter and rolled in it too!
The Comforter bubble bar- "blissful blackcurrant bathing" It smells of sweet blackcurrant, which to me is a mixture of blackberries and licorice {I don't like licorice, but this smells good!} This is supposed to be a "must try" for Lush enthusiasts.
Karma bubble bar- "patchouli, lemongrass and orange" I smelly soapyness and lemongrass. Lush has a few different products with the same scent including perfume, soap, and a bath melt.
Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon- {again} "exotic and tropical on the nose" It is supposed to smell like chocolate and orange, and I can't explain the scent at all... so I'll stick with exotic and tropical for sure. I love this one! It is so moisturizing, amazingly smelly, and long-lasting!

Fairy Jasmine bath bomb- "soft, powdery jasmine fragrance" This smells exactly like the description. It is filled with amazing iridescent glitter!!! This one is only available for purchase online {both US &UK}. It's huge!

Twilight bath bomb- "lavender and tonka bean" I bought this one in store because I was afraid it would break in the mail. It smells like sweet candy, yum!

Sexy Peel soap- "a citrus soap to get your morning going" I bought this is store too because I wanted a small piece. I cut mine into cubes so as not to have it all melt in the shower {they do melt rather easily}. It smells just like a bag full of lemons and oranges, leaves you squeaky clean too. 

These are the samples I received with my order:
L to R: Fresh Farmacy cleanser, Retread conditioner, Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, Sultana Soap.

My sample didn't come with any dried fruits :(

My concerns when placing this order:
  1.  Youtubers say that they received broken items- My only bath bomb was sealed and a bit powdery but whole. The 2 bubble bars were unwrapped but in solid condition since they are quite sturdy.
  2. The heat and my bubbleroon!- Perfectly shaped with no melting whatsoever :)
  3. Glitter everywhere- Sunny Side's glitter was sealed to preserve all of its glittery glory!
  4. No samples- sometimes if your order is on the verge of being bumped up into a larger box {and thus a higher postage cost} they will not include samples, luckily I seemed to be fine weighing under 1kg {2.2 lbs}. I got 3 requested samples plus an extra!!!
Some last bits of information: 
My total was 21.12 GBP, or $33.92 compared to over $40 in store {even pricier online}. I did notice that on both orders I placed on the Lush UK site the final cost of each item is reduced from the prices seen online {I'm not sure why, or how} I added up the total for the actual prices and it comes out to be 24.15 GBP, or about $38, which is not what I paid. But that is what makes buying from the UK site amazing!

I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful! If you have any questions please comment below :)

Products Mentioned:
Lush UK: Sunnyside bubble bar, The Comforter bubble bar, Karma bubble bar, Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon, Fairy Jasmine bath bomb, Twilight bath bomb, Sexy Peel soap, Fresh Farmacy Cleanser, Sultana of Soap, Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, Retread conditioner. 


  1. Interesting! I am always interested in good bathing materials! :)


  2. Gotta love lush! Didn't know they shipped samples from their online store?!

    x Cammie

  3. Pro tip (or at least I feel like a pro by now): If you ask for samples, you'll get them. If not, you usually won't.

    After figuring this out, I like to leave sweet messages for the packers. I tell them about the products I've used and what my skin or hair needs are. Or once, I spoke about how I needed a little something to lift my spirits after a bad breakup (true story!). You can also make requests for specific items. For instance, I really wanted to try British Nanny so I asked for 2 samples of it so I could try it for 2 weeks to see if it would break me out. Give it a shot!

  4. i got this sample too! absolutely loved it and lush are such a cool company, its great to learn how to find freebies here in the uk as it can save so much money x