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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lush Review: Rose Jam + Butterball

I tried out a new technique thinking this was going to give me tons of bubbles, but it didn't and I ended up pretty disappointed. {But I will keep experimenting and finding ways to create immense amounts of bubbles!}
I thought that Rose Jam was going to be more fragrant both in the water and on my skin, but it lacked any sort of residual smell :( It definitely did smell of roses, but compared to Yuzu and Cocoa, it is not as pungent smelling. Overall I do love the pink water and the way that it smells, I just wish it would be more smelly. One last thing- the bubbles lasted like 5 minutes before being completely gone :'( {this could be because I'm still experimenting with bubble-making}

Butterball was just as described by lush- extremely buttery and moisturizing... so moisturizing that it left a film of butter/oil all over my bathtub and on my skin. It didn't change the scent of the bath, but it did let out these weird chunks of brown butter?? Overall this wouldn't be my first choice bath bomb; it's a bit too heavy on the butter for my liking.

These are the products I used- Rose Jam bubbleroon {pink} and Butterball bath bomb {white}.

Here is butterball in all of its buttery glory, you can see the little brown butter bits floating around everywhere I did notice that they dissolved after a while, so don't be alarmed if you see them too.

Method: I put half of the bubble bar into a stocking {$2 sheer one from Walmart} and tied it so that it was directly under the running water. I left it there until it all dissolved. But this resulted in less bubbles than I had anticipated. Next I will try to use the shower head directly on the bubble bar and see if the power from that results in more bubbles. {I will keep you updated}

Not enough bubbles.

No more bubbles after 5 min :( But this is a gorgeous pink color!!!

What are your tips for getting more bubbles???

 Products Mentioned:
Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Butterball bath bomb.

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