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Friday, August 3, 2012

Lush Review: Dragon's Egg + Yuzu and Cocoa

I couldn't wait any longer, the smells were so inviting, so I took a bath with Dragon's Egg and half of Yuzu and Cocoa!

The second you drop in the bath bomb it starts fizzing and spinning all over the place! I read somewhere that Dragon's Egg should not be split apart since it has various layers that change your
 water as they dissolve, and this is so true.

I didn't hear any popping- just fizzing, but it was pretty amazing!
It is hard to notice the gold glitter, but with the right light I could definitely catch a slight sheen
to my water. This glitter did leave residue all over my bathtub, but it was easily cleaned off and not a problem.

Take a look at the great color being let off by Dragon's Egg. The hotter the water, the better everything dissolves :)
This is the final product with just Dragon's Egg in the bath. It is definitely a great orange color and quite frothy!
I added half of Yuzu and Cocoa to the bath by crumbling over the running water.  But this is
apparently not the best way to get both- many more bubbles and your money's worth from each bubble bar. Next time I will use less of the bar and put it in an old pantyhose directly over the running 
water, this way the whole bubble bar gets hit by the water and none of the chunks drop to the bottom of the tub. This is said to create insane amounts of bubbles! Can't wait to see!
So the bubbles lasted for about 10 minutes. They were completely gone after that :( but the bath water was amazingly moisturizing and smelled heavenly!!! And my skin smelled just like Yuzu and Cocoa until the next day! {I didn't notice any glitter on me... that would have been fun!}

Products Mentioned:
LUSH: Dragon's Egg, Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon.

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