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Friday, August 10, 2012

NOTD: Ladybug Manicure

Usually I see plenty of red ladybugs around our garden but lately, they have all been black ones with 2 red dots like this one. Either way, I was inspired to do this adorable manicure for you guys today... Hope you enjoy!

  • I painted my nails a vibrant red color.
  • Using a black polish I drew a semi circle at my tips and filled it in.
  • Then I drew in Y-shaped lines beginning at the cuticle,
  • I added large white dots, then black dots on top of those for the eyes.
  • Finally, I added a few symmetrical dots for the ladybugs signature spots!

Look at that adorable ladybug!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! 

Products Used:
Avon: Real Red | CM Nail art- White, Black.


  1. that's so cute! what a cute pattern :)

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