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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nail Polish Haul + NOTD + Kate Spade

One thing that I have learned about myself is that I cannot exercise self-control in a store full of every shade of nail polish! Today me and my sister went back to Skylark Nail and Beauty Supply and bought even more polishes! I also gave myself a girly mani, and went to Marshalls!

L to R: CM Nail Art White{$1.50}, OPI Ridge Filler{$4}, Orly Bare Rose{$4.50}, China Glaze: Pool Party, Strawberry Fields, Techno, Atlantis{$2.50 each}.

I used 3 coats of Avon Pastel Pink, one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on all nails (except accent).
On the accent nail: one coat of Black Poppy Silver, 3 coats of Jordana Silver Glitter, one coat of China Glaze Fairy dust. 

Fairy Dust gives off amazing rainbow reflections, I love this one!!!!

I have noticed that this particular pale pink Avon color does take a good 3 coats and minor wait time between coat applications to be completely even and streak free. But I have tried Sinful Colors Easy Going which is another pale pink with worse results.

Finally, I went to marshalls with a $10 voucher I got in the mail (that I got by accumulating points from purchases made by using my store credit card). I ended up buying this Kate Spade lotion for $12.99. My total cost: ~$4! Yay!

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NOTD + Tool Haul

I recently purchased some nail tools from Ebay! I'm so excited to use them...
  1. The dotting tools work great! they are well made and I do recommend these, shipping was extremely fast too!
  2. The nail art brushes seem to work well too, but be careful to not get acetone on the handles since the paint does rub off easily. {UPDATE: I don't recommend the brushes, I have a hard time cleaning them and keeping the hairs from fraying.}
Here are some pictures of mani's done with the dotting tools!

My manicures last a good 4 days without any chipping and minor wear to the tips, the key is to use a good base and top coat! (my experience has shown that Essie and Avon polishes last the longest.. updates to come.)

My friend let me do her nails too! Thanks!

After applying about 2 coats on each finger of the desired color, I took the fattest dotting tool and dipped it in some polish and made sure the dots had a good amount of space between them. I recommend re-dipping the tool after each dot, this created uniform dots every time.  

After about 3 minutes, I applied a top coat. Waiting ensures that your dots don't bleed into your base color. Clean up any stray polish with a Q-tip or a brush and acetone.

Products mentioned:
Dotting tools: Ebay via- blueskynailssupply ($2.50). Nail Art Tools: Ebay via- d.linux. ($5.29)
Polish: China Glaze-For Audrey, Avon-French Tip white, Chanel- April, Seche Vite-top coat, OPI- base coat.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Past Nails: Part 2

As promised, here are more pictures of past manicures, enjoy!


Strawberry Lemonade

 Glitter Gradient


Kate Spade 

Barbie Pink


Sunday, June 24, 2012


I am so excited! I have been on the hunt for a nail polish rack for a while now, but online prices are pretty steep (~$75). So I did some research and found this place called Skylark Nail and Beauty Supply and made it my mission to go check out their goods. I ended up buying one for $23.00 flat! So exciting! It holds about 80 polishes and hangs nicely on my wall!

I also picked up a two new China Glaze polishes for $2.50 each plus a much needed bottle of my favorite top coat Seche Vite for $4.00!!! I definitely recommend visiting Skylark if you are in the area they have everything necessary for manicures!

Here is a picture of the nail polish rack and a quick mani I did with both my new polishes (not my best job, but wanted to share anyway)... the pictures do not do the glitter justice!

A tiffany blue color + silver holographic mico glitter

I think I need more polishes!
Products mentioned:
Nail polish rack: Skylark Nail & Beauty Supply (yelp directory). Nail polish: China Glaze- For Audrey, Fairy Dust. Seche Vite- Top Coat.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

NOTD: A Mix + Arm Candy

Mixing and matching nail polish is so much fun! Today I decided to use some more of my new polishes because 1 was definitely not going to cut it, nor was 2... so i went with 3 polishes!!!

Also, check out my new arm candy! After a few failed attempts at finding this bow cuff in stores I finally stumbled upon it while shopping in San Diego.

Isn't it pretty and feminine?

What's your favorite mix of nail colors??

Thanks for reading!

Products used:
Avon: Licorice, Viva Pink. Revlon: Gold Get 'Em. China Glaze: Blonde Bombshell. Watch: Kate Spade Gramercy. Bracelets: H&M-chain link (I took off the charms that came attached), Forever 21- Rhinestoned Bow Cuff.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Past Nails: Part 1

Here are a few of my past manicures, I get most of my ideas from pinterest. My execution may not be perfect, but I definitely enjoy painting my nails. I hope that you enjoy these pictures, there are more to come!
(Comment below if you'd like nail polish colors or additional information on the manicures)

Accent Bow Mani



Tape Mani with Pink Glitter

Contrast Mani

Spring Bling Mani

Ocean Meets Sand Mani

Do you want some tips on creating clean manicures??

  • Apply a base coat- I really like OPI- ridge filler
  • Push back your cuticles- I like cuticles trimmers like these
  • Apply nail polish in vertical strokes without fully reaching your cuticle: click here for pictures
  • Apply a top coat- I like Seche Vite
  • Clean up if necessary: click here for pictures 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nail Polish Haul: Avon

So many!

Left to right: French Tip White, Pastel Pink, Romance, Viva Pink, Decadence.

Left to Right: Lagoon, Absinthe, Nior Emerald, Forbidden Fudge, Licorice.

These 3 needed additional pictures to show their true color:
Left to Right: Romance, Decadence, Noir Emerald. 

As promised, here are all the beautiful nail polishes I recently purchased! I'm pretty excited about all of them. (except the brown one, not sure I'd want brown nails...) Talking about brown, some of these darker colors are more ideal for fall or winter. I don't mind though, if I like a color, why not wear it all year round right?

What do you think? Black mani for summer time?! (I have an Idea: black & neon mani!)

I can't wait to show you more pretty manicures using these new colors!

Time for: Nails+Weekend

After a long weekend trip to San Francisco for my cousins college graduation, my nails started to go downhill. That ridiculously long car ride stressed me out... and when I stress out chipping my polish is inevitable.

So it was time for a fresh mani as soon as I recovered and got settled back in at home. Today's nails are pink with a bit of glitter for contrast. I found this Avon polish to be quite opaque and easy to apply. It did take 3 coats to get completely even. I recommend a base coat to make application streak-free, and a top coat is a must for glossy and durable manicures!

I'll be posting a nail polish haul soon with all the polishes I got recently including this pink one, so keep a lookout.

Hope you are having a great day, the weather here in SoCal beautiful, just perfect. Nor Cal weather was unbearable at a whooping 113˚ on our ride back, I was close to having a heat stroke nice and hot.

Is the weather nice where you are? 

Products used:
Avon: Pastel Pink. (similar: here.) Jordana: Silver Glitter 208. Seche Vite: Top Coat. OPI: Ridge Filler
Braceletes: Kate Spade (bangles), H&M (chain link).