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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze- Pool Party

I have to admit, getting rid of my baseball manicure made me sad. Luckily there are more of those mani's to come since we are only half-way through the season!

Today's nail polish was not what I was expecting. In photographs the color looks more pink than it does in real-life. I currently have neon orange nails :'( I should have used a white polish as my base coat to make the pink color stand out more {lesson learned}. Does anyone else have this problem with neon pinks, have you found one that works well on its own???

As with other neon polishes the application is a hassle- use a steady light hand when applying and wait a few minuted to avoid pulling off previous coats. And of course when dry, the polish is matte and uneven so a top coat is a must to fix these problems. Another thing to be aware of when removing the polish is that it does stain my skin more than usual.

I'm liking using thumbs as the accent nail.
{note: I had a difficult time adjusting the contrast in these pictures because of the darn polish color. I wish this was the actual color!}

I used a dotting tool to create large flowers, then I applied a top coat and pressed rhinestones into the polish to make sure they stayed in place for the length of my mani.

This is what the color looks like in real life and compared to the color in the bottle- big difference huh?

Products mentioned China Glaze- Pool Party, Avon- French Tip White, CM Nail Art Heavenly Pink.

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