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Sunday, July 8, 2012

NOTD + Baseball

I had an exciting weekend, I bought more CM Nail Art polishes, gave myself a cool manicure, and saw my favorite rookie baseball star Mike Trout! <3 {get ready for loads of pictures!}

Let's start with some Nail Art:

 The final product: #27 for the my favorite Angels' Mike Trout :)

  •  I started out with a base coat of red polish, then added glitter and finished it off with 2 more coats of red polish. Result... 

Jelly Sandwich!
The sandwich gives off a multi-dimenional look I really like!

  • Next I took my red CM Nail Art polish and added 2 semi-circles followed by lots of small lines to create the baseball.

  • Finally, I drew the A and the 27 (freehand, using logos I found on Google as my guide) in Blue, then added Red over that. 
  • I finished the A off with a grey Halo- I used a shorter brush in order to get the rounded effect more precise.

I realize that the 27 could have used a second attempt... but I blame it on having a strictly dominant left hand and being too excited to see the final result!

Moving on to Game Day pictures:

My Rally Monkey didn't make it to the game, 
  she had other engagements. I forgot her :(

Mike Trout!

And the Angel's won, until next time  Trout!

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