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Friday, March 8, 2013

BOTD: J.Crew Jeweled Sweatshirt Vs F21 Rhinestone Pullover

{Bargain of the Day} I went to forever 21 thinking all I needed was basic camis... but then this sweater jumped at me screaming "J.CREW, J.CREW, J.CREW!!!" Woah, F21 must have their eyes glued to J. Crew clothes! This is so similar to last season's sweater {and this seasons' in 2 new colors}!!!

J. Crew Jeweled Sweatshirt $118

F21- Rhinestone French Terry Pullover $22.80

I bought it! Here is an IRL picture:

The difference is that the color of the F21 sweater is lighter and the jewel clusters are only on the front body part. But in terms of material, it feels pretty sturdy. The clusters are also sewn in rather well and don't seem like they'll be going anywhere anytime soon. :)

Would you buy this J. Crew look-alike for 1/5 of the price??? I did!


  1. Hell ya..I am buying right now

  2. I got one from F21 too and love it!