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Monday, January 14, 2013

BOTD: Zara Jelly Flats

{Bargain Of The Day}
I FOUND THEM!!!!! Yes, these babies have been sold out on ZARA since they were first introduced and I wasn't about to pay full price {$89??} for them anyway... Sooo, I went on Ebay and searched and searched until viola! there they were for $65! Can you say score!?!?!?! 

Now, I will share my secret: They are not listed under the ZARA name so I messaged the seller wanting to know details about where they get their merchandise {they have more Zara items listed} and was told that they purchase them directly from a ZARA branded factory {in china I suppose}. But, since they "don't have actual Zara receipts" they wont list them as such... kind of weird since their other items are listed under the ZARA name. They shipped from China and it took about 12 days from the date of purchase to receive them with a tracking number provided. The shipping for these flats is free! If your size is currently unavailable, wait a few days and see if they restock them.

Anyway, I bought them because the pictures are all identical to the original ZARA jelly flats, and indeed they are ZARA! They still had the plastic film on the bottom sole and came in a brown ZARA shoe box. They also have all of the embossed ZARA logos in all of the right places and none of the studs were missing.

Review: They are fabulous and people will want to steal them off of your feet they are so sparkly!!! The soles are quite slippery so be careful, I think I'm going to put grips on the bottom of mine. They don't pinch or cause blistered as the material is a very nice and soft suede. They run in european sizes so make sure that you check out a shoe size conversion chart to find your right size. I am personally always a US 6.5 so I got the equivalent EU37, and they are a tad roomy {less than 1/2 too big}. Go with your regular size since the t-strap allows you to adjust them to your perfect fit.

What an extensive review/info! I hope that this helps anyone who has been coveting these beauties like I have.

I'd love to know if you purchase them through this seller!!! 

Here is the direct link to the listing: Women Fashionable Bling Bling Rhinestone Flat Jelly Sandals ERP$90 New shoes The seller's name is hoicompany2010.


  1. Score! Congratulations! Great review, too. Enjoy your new beauties.

  2. Hi Roxy! Love your blog. I've been eyeing these as well! Sooo cute
    Quick question: What color are your sandals? They look a little white in picture and I know the Zara one's are beige.

    1. Hello! Great question, I don't know why I forgot to mention that! They are definitely more nude/beige. I had to lighten the picture to get more details.

      Hope that helps!