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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NOTD: Jack-O-Lanterns + Pet Costumes!!!

 I love carved pumpkins! And I also love constumes... pet costumes in particular!
Scroll down to see pictures of my cats hating life and me for making them dress up! 

This is Gilda, she hates me. 
Ok she doesn't hate me, but she sure wasn't loving being an adorable bumble-cat! Haha.

Pepper wasn't having it either. Her evil stare says it all, but she just looks so darn cute!

I swear it's like cats know how ridiculous they look and loath you for it. They give you death stares that make you feel sooo bad that you just have to go out and buy them toys...
lots and lots of toys to make up for it!

Happy Halloween!

Products Used:
Avon- art orange, orange creamsicle, absinthe | Essie- School of Hard Rocks | CM Nail Art- black.
Pet costumes: by Martha Stewart purchased at Petsmart.

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  1. The nails are fab!
    You are so talented!!

    We should def follow eachother on bloglovin and gfc to stay in touch??
    Get back to me :)

    >>>>> <<<<<<