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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lush Review: Sunny Side + Golden Wonder

Over the weekend I used some lush bath products and was beyond amazed by the way my bath turned out! 

 Golden Wonder (bath bomb) LE- This present has a light orange scent that's fresh and clean. It is yellow with gold luster on the outside, and turquoise with a surprise on the inside!
 Sunny Side (bubble bar)- This one also has a clean citrus smell that isn't too overpowering. It is a dark yellow, luster-filled bar rolled in tons of gold glitter.

Together this combination gives a pleasant light citrus scent that is packed with gold shimmer. For an added layer of citrus smell I used this Peeled Navel Orange candle from anthropologie.
 I was in citrus heaven!

then released a deep turquoise color and
lots of sequins!
 Golden wonder started out yellow...

After I added sunny side, this is what happened to my water. It looked amazing! I would recommend not creating too many bubbles just so you can admire the shimmering water!

DO NOT WORRY: The sequins dissolve into your bath rapidly. All the glitter did leave a residue in the tub, but it was a super easy clean-up (literally on rinse glitter gone) with no color stains at all!

All-in-all this was such a cute glittery bath that I will undeniably recreate again and again!

Products Mentioned:
Lush- Golden Wonder bath bomb (limited edition xmas item), Sunny Side bubble bar | Anthropologie- Peeled Navel Orange candle (I looove all 3 scents, especially the volcano one!)

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